Erin Pashley, Testimonial

“Pain is inevitable, misery is optional” is the quote on Erin Pashley’s Instagram profile.
The first day of the 2019 snowboard season found Erin in Steamboat Resort’s halfpipe on her new gear. The day did not go as planned. She ended up in the emergency room with a shattered radius and broken tailbone and sacrum. Four days later she was in surgery with Dr. Johnson and PA Joan Donham having a plate and screws set in her radius to ensure proper alignment during healing. Her tailbone and sacrum did not require surgery.

By Spring Erin had recovered, but she still did not have the mobility in her wrist that she wanted for her active lifestyle. She dreaded a second surgery to have the hardware removed.

“Dr. Johnson, Joan, and my physical therapist, Emily Tjosvold, were so patient with me. They were supportive but not pushy as we explored my options. In the end, I had the hardware removed in July. The recovery from the second surgery was easy and within a month I had my original mobility back,” Erin said. “We are spoiled in Steamboat with great healthcare for such a small mountain community. I really can’t express enough my appreciation for the care and support I received from the entire team throughout the almost 9-month process from my first surgery in November through my second in July.”

Eri Pashley