Joint Replacement

The orthopaedic surgeons at Steamboat Orthopaedic & Spine Institute face a seemingly constant stream of sports trauma due to the local population’s love for physical activities and recreation. Joint-replacement surgery might become necessary due to previous injuries and surgeries, or due to degeneration over time. The surgeons at SOSI have brought in total joint specialists and are ready and honored to help keep your active lifestyle moving with joint replacement if needed.

SOSI’s progressive team of surgeons use the latest and best technologies to improve patient outcomes. A commitment to customized patient care means SOSI’s surgeons take the time to order special X-rays, MRIs, or other necessary tests for individualized care that leads to exceptional patient outcomes.

SOSI collects and analyzes its joint replacement patient outcome data to constantly evolve this customized care. This has led to an early recovery program that helps patients recover faster, return to activities at a higher rate, and improve their lifestyles.

Personalized Patient Care

SOSI also has helped bring a dedicated joint-replacement program to the Yampa Valley. The program is based on exceptional patient experience and collaborative continuum of care, serving as a multi-disciplinary internal crosscheck that monitors specific parameters and utilizes patient feedback for continuous improvement and success.

Recently, SOSI surgeons have focused on improved post-operative pain and advanced early recovery for joint-replacement patients. Computerized technology helps perfect implant placement while eliminating muscle damage. This, combined with multi-modal pre- and post-surgery medications and intra-operative long-acting agents in the soft and bony tissues at the time of joint replacement, promotes rapid rehabilitation and prevents patients from waking up in severe pain.

SOSI’s experienced team of surgeons emphasizes evaluation before surgery, optimizing every aspect of care including physical therapy, nutrition, decreased risk of infection, operating room optimization, and more.

Dr. Howarth has introduced a dedicated total joint team to the Yampa Valley that has dedicated joint specialists who focus on ensuring the patient care is optimized and individualized for the patient to ensure a successful, enjoyable experience for each patient.

The Steamboat Orthopaedic & Spine Institute comprises a dedicated, local, and highly-trained staff of ten physicians and dozens of medical care and support staff, bringing world-class medicine to northwest Colorado, southern Wyoming, and the surrounding region. Alongside the team of specialists, SOSI also has a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist and a physiatrist who specializes in the evaluation of spinal and musculoskeletal disorders, non-operative spine care, including epidural injections, and EMG and global orthopaedic assessments.

Doctor with knee joint