Igor Nazarchuk, Testimonial

Igor Nazarchuk was in Steamboat on a work project and was using a chop saw to cut logs. Unfortunately, he cut his hand, lacerating the extensor tendon to his long finger. After an initial visit to the emergency room, he saw Dr. Patrick Johnston, SOSI hand and elbow orthopaedic surgeon. Lacking health insurance, Igor was concerned about the expense. However, it was important to Dr. Johnston, and to SOSI, to give Igor the best care possible and work with his financial situation.

Dr. Johnston was able to treat Igor surgically with WALANT surgery, a special technique for which he is trained, allowing surgery while the patient is awake. WALANT surgery also allows the repair to be tested while the patient is having the surgery to make sure it is perfect. The procedure takes place in the office rather than the operating room, which saved Igor money, and SOSI gave him a discount for paying cash.

“The surgery was easy and fast, and I felt no pain during the procedure. Dr. Johnston explained everything to me in detail,” said Igor. “My recovery was painless as well and I didn’t have to take any pain pills. My hand stitched up really nicely. You can barely see the scar and I’ve been able to return to work, to surfing, and to playing basketball and volleyball!”

Igor Nazarchuk Wake Boarding