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Great Stories from SOSI Patients

Igor Nazarchuk Wake Boarding

Igor Nazarchuk

Igor Nazarchuk was in Steamboat on a work project and was using a chop saw to cut logs. Unfortunately, he cut his hand, lacerating the extensor tendon to his long finger. After an initial visit to the emergency room, he saw Dr. Patrick Johnston, SOSI hand and elbow orthopaedic surgeon. Lacking health insurance, Igor was…

Erin Pashley Snowboarding

Erin Pashley

“Pain is inevitable, misery is optional” is the quote on Erin Pashley’s Instagram profile. The first day of the 2019 snowboard season found Erin in Steamboat Resort’s halfpipe on her new gear. The day did not go as planned. She ended up in the emergency room with a shattered radius and broken tailbone and sacrum. Four…